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Drunk Driving On A Bicycle

Yes you can be charged for drunk driving while riding a bicycle. In one recent Superior Court case, a woman was riding her bicycle while drunk and crashed it into the side of a car. She was convicted of driving under the influence and sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Here's a crash course in what to do following a collision

As you listen to your favorite morning tune and enjoy the freedom of being behind the wheel, you feel optimistic about the day ahead. However, all of a sudden, another driver carelessly crosses the middle line of the road and enters your car's path. You do everything you can do to avoid hitting this car, but the sound of crunching steel quickly reveals how unsuccessful you were. And just like that, your carefree morning has turned into a nightmarish start to the day.

A car accident can happen in Pennsylvania when you least expect it -- while on your way to work or to the store, for example. When it happens, what seems like a million thoughts may race through your mind. However, understanding what exactly needs to be done immediately following the collision may help you to protect your best interests down the road.

Pennsylvania truck accidents: Bicyclist struck by dump truck

Many bicyclists would agree that the fall weather is perfect for enjoying bike riding. Not only are people enjoying it for sport, but some are using it for a source of transportation. Most all smaller vehicles on Pennsylvania roadways are at greater risk of harm when a collision occurs with a larger vehicle such as a truck. Motorcyclists and bicyclists are especially at risk in the event of truck accidents because they have no enclosed vehicle to frame and protect them as they travel. Sadly, one man recently died after a tragic collision with a dump truck.

Reportedly, the man was traveling with traffic on a busy road in Pennsylvania when the accident occurred. Witnesses claim that the bicyclist was hit by a dump truck, and that the truck driver did not stop despite the collision. Apparently, the truck dragged the bicycle underneath it as the trucker drove away from the scene.

1 arrested, 1 wanted in Lancaster County assault incident

The early morning hours find most Pennsylvania residents at home asleep in their beds. Some, however, may delay going home following an evening out on the town. Following a few drinks, people may become louder and more boisterous. Recently, one man was arrested and another one wanted on assault charges following an alleged altercation in Lancaster County.

The Columbia Borough Police Department reported that several people had gathered at an intersection around 3 a.m. Apparently, the group had gotten a bit too loud. A 62-year-old man approached the group and asked them to lower their volume. According to reports, some men in the group attacked the man, then ran away.

Man arrested for drunk driving and colliding with 27 cars

No matter the charged criminal offense, everyone is entitled to choose an advocate to act on their behalf in court. Some defendants may discover that some family and friends may avoid supporting them as they face charges, even prior to a formal conviction. Some defendants may find it comforting that attorneys are part of their support system. One Pennsylvania man is likely using an attorney after being recently being arrested for drunk driving.

Witnesses alerted police to a sedan that had apparently run into numerous other vehicles early on one weekend morning. Police found and arrested a 38-year-old man who they say driving under the influence. He has been formally charged with 17 different offenses.

Older man injured by assault from man 4 times younger

People get into arguments on a regular basis in Pennsylvania and all across the country. Different backgrounds, opinions, beliefs and ways of doing things can all contribute to an argument. Unfortunately, some fights escalate and may result in injuries to one or more parties. Recently, a young man was arrested for the alleged assault of a man more than four times his age.

For unknown reasons, conflict arose between a 24-year-old man and an 89-year-old man. The young man has been charged with the assault of the older man. Reportedly, the older man suffered serious injuries.

The proof is in the evidence, which could be unreliable at best

If you are facing criminal accusations, chances are, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the process. Allegations alone can be exceedingly stressful and daunting, and with the potential gravity of a conviction, you might wish to protect your future by challenging the charges, but perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed.

One of the most crucial factors in such a process could pertain to the evidence against you. While law enforcement agents deploy a variety of forensic measures in collecting evidence, some may involve a certain number of flaws and have little to no scientific basis.

Two Pennsylvania men charged with theft and insurance fraud

Unfortunately, being accused of any crime can be almost as damaging as being formally found guilty. Criminal charges may result in loss of a person's reputation, employment and strained relationships. Two Pennsylvania men who have been charged with theft, identity theft and insurance fraud and are likely seeking the advice attorneys as they navigate their case through the criminal court system.

Both men allegedly stole from their clients and worked for two different insurance agencies. The 29-year-old man who worked for a State Farm agency allegedly stole $26,247. Apparently the money was taken in different forms from eight different clients. He is accused of inaccurately taking their life insurance proceeds, auto insurance premiums and loans.

Pennsylvania truck accidents: 26 injured in collision with bus

Understandably, a collision with a tractor-trailer can result in property damage, serious injury or death. Unfortunately, some truck accidents may be the result of driver error or company negligence in failing to adhere to proper safety precautions. A recent collision with a tractor-trailer in Pennsylvania resulted in multiple injured victims for the riders of a bus.

It is unknown how many passengers were traveling on the bus, but it is known that 26 people were injured. Victims were transported to multiple different medical facilities for treatment. Reportedly, most victims stabilized and have been released. One facility stated that three victims were seriously injured and remain in critical condition.

Boat Owners Have Rights Too

Pennsylvania Superior Court recently decided a case in which a boat owner on Lake Erie was stopped by a wildlife conservation officer. The conservation officer boarded the gentleman's boat and cited him for a safety violation.

The conservation officer, however, did not have probable cause to stop the boat. At least a reasonable suspicion is required before a person could be stopped for driving under the influence on the highway.


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