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New Pennsylvania drunk driving laws to take effect

Pennsylvania lawmakers have realized that punishment of some crimes often results in the commission of additional crimes. New laws are to take effect this month regarding drunk driving cases. Lawmakers are hopeful that the new laws will lower offenses and prevent repeated cases of driving under the influence.

Pennsylvania lawmaker arrested for drunk driving

Everyone in Pennsylvania is at risk of being accused of a crime, including the politicians who write the law. An accusation alone has the potential to damage a lawmaker's reputation and chances of re-election. Recently, an established politician was charged with drunk driving on a capital session day.

Drunk driving, stolen gun, other charges filed against woman

Although anyone accused of a criminal offense is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty, the mere stigma of being criminally charged can negatively impact a person's life and future. Recently, one Pennsylvania woman was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Unfortunately, her legal troubles quickly became more complicated when a stolen gun was discovered, and she allegedly attempted to use a passport in place of her drivers license. 

Pennsylvannia football player accused of drunk driving on campus

Many people that have attended college can recount irresponsible decisions they have made. Unfortunately, some mistakes by some college students may impact them beyond their college years. Any decisions that conflict with established law may result in a permanent record and possible problems on employment and rental applications in the future. Fortunately, criminal defense lawyers are available to advise any accused student of his or her rights and legal options. One Pennsylvania football player has recently been accused of making a series of poor decisions that allegedly resulted in drunk driving.

Stricter drunk driving laws considered by Pennsylvania lawmakers

As the end of the semester nears and Pennsylvania college students begin attending graduation parties and likely consuming alcohol, some may find themselves in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, some students may make the unwise decision to attempt to operate a vehicle with alcohol in their system. In the moment, they may not contemplate the potential consequences that may await them if they are formally charged with a DUI. Current consequences for drunk driving in Pennsylvania are less severe than in other states, but state lawmakers are considering stricter laws and harsher penalties.

Sheriff's deputy caught drunk driving in Pennsylvania

No one is immune to making reckless mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes conflict with established law and can lead to serious consequences for the accused. Fortunately, the law allows for legal counsel and assistance of anyone accused of a crime. Recently, a Pennsylvania sheriff's deputy learned he is also subject to the law and its consequences when he was sentenced for drunk driving

Counsel available if caught drunk driving or driving on drugs

Young people often make immature and irresponsible decisions that may affect them for the rest of their lives. They may not realize that being caught drunk driving or in the possession of illegal drugs is reality with immediate and long-term consequences. A young man's poor decisions while operating a vehicle recently resulted in his arrest in Pennsylvania.

Legal counsel is available after charges of drunk driving

People make countless decisions every day. Many routine and seemingly insignificant decisions have little impact on a person's life. Unfortunately, some people find themselves making poor choices and decisions that lead to conflict with established law. Recently, a Pennsylvania man allegedly made several poor decisions that landed him in jail. His decisions resulted in charges of drunk driving, carjacking a vehicle, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

Criminal lawyers can help with drunk driving charges

An arrest for any crime may leave a person feeling overwhelmed and alone. Having the support of friends, family and a lawyer can help a person navigate the consequences he or she may face in the aftermath of an arrest. Criminal charges will not only have immediate repercussions, but if not handled correctly, they may continue to impact a person's future long after the individual has served his or her sentence or after charges have been dismissed. Recently, a Pennsylvania special education teacher has been forced to become familiar with the criminal court system after his alleged drunk driving accident. 


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