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Motorcycle accidents can cause physical and financial damage

Last year, one man made an unfortunate decision to drive drunk and changed a woman's life forever. Although all sizes of motor vehicles travel Pennsylvania roadways, when larger ones collide with smaller ones, they can cause serious injuries. Motorcycle accidents in particular can seriously injure or kill the rider.

Motorcycle accidents can result in amputations

Motorcycles travel the same roads and interstates as much larger vehicles. The bike offers little protection for the rider in the event of a collision. Personal injury attorneys work to ensure that people injured in motorcycle accidents by negligent drivers receive the same rights to compensation as drivers of other vehicles. Recently, a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania civil court was given a second chance to recover compensation for an injured motorcyclist.

Motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania can cause serious injuries

When someone rides a motorcycle, they have little protection between them and the road in the event of an accident. When the accident involves a larger vehicle, it can cause catastrophic injuries to the bike rider. Motorcycle accidents in many circumstances are fatal. Recently, one Pennsylvania man was severely injured due to the apparent negligence of a construction worker.

Local Police May Get Radar Guns

The Pennsylvania Senate recently voted to send legislation to the House which would allow local law enforcement agencies, like the State College Police, to use radar guns. Pennsylvania is the only state in the country that does not allow local police departments to use radar.

New Red Light Law For Motorcycle Riders

Pennsylvania has recently enacted a new law which will allow motorcyclists to go through a red light. If you are a motorcycle rider you know how frustrating it can be to pull up to a red light only to have it not change because the red light sensor did not detect your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accidents and Boomers

If you are age 55 or older and just getting into riding motorcycles or coming back to biking after being out of it for a few years you may have a greater chance of being injured in an accident while riding. Traffic safety consultant James Hedlund notes that while older riders may be more careful than younger ones, the older riders have slower reflexes and their vision isn't as good as it once was. Additionally, the bodies are more fragile and the same impact will cause more damage to a 55-year old than a 25-year old. 

Motorcycle accidents and insurance

If you have been riding a motorcycle for any length of time you know one of the biggest dangers is a person driving a truck or car who does not see you. This can be for any number of reasons such as a bad curve, a dangerous intersection or simply the fact that motorcycles are often difficult to see.


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