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Pennsylvania truck accidents: Bicyclist struck by dump truck

Many bicyclists would agree that the fall weather is perfect for enjoying bike riding. Not only are people enjoying it for sport, but some are using it for a source of transportation. Most all smaller vehicles on Pennsylvania roadways are at greater risk of harm when a collision occurs with a larger vehicle such as a truck. Motorcyclists and bicyclists are especially at risk in the event of truck accidents because they have no enclosed vehicle to frame and protect them as they travel. Sadly, one man recently died after a tragic collision with a dump truck.

Pennsylvania truck accidents: 26 injured in collision with bus

Understandably, a collision with a tractor-trailer can result in property damage, serious injury or death. Unfortunately, some truck accidents may be the result of driver error or company negligence in failing to adhere to proper safety precautions. A recent collision with a tractor-trailer in Pennsylvania resulted in multiple injured victims for the riders of a bus.

Truck accidents: Couple injured in collision with semi

Many Pennsylvania motorists have experienced the fear of a collision with a tractor-trailer. It is well known that truck accidents can result in significant injury and property damage. Recently, an older couple became trapped under a truck's trailer after it crossed into their lane.

Tragic Pennsylvania truck accidents claim lives

Unfortunately, accidents occur on Pennsylvania roadways on a daily basis. Despite their frequent occurrence, people usually do not anticipate being involved in one. Accidents can result in physical, emotional and financial damage to any person involved. Truck accidents can be especially damaging due to the significantly larger size of these vehicles in comparison to other vehicles. Recently, a multi-vehicle accident involving two tractor-trailers resulted in the death of two people.

Legal advice available for victims involved in truck accidents

Almost on a daily basis, parents trust bus drivers for the transport of their children to and from school in a safe manner. Unfortunately parents may not realize that, for complete safety of their children, they must also trust other motor vehicle drivers to operate their vehicles responsibly in the vicinity of school buses. Sadly, one of many recent avoidable truck accidents in Pennsylvania involved a collision with a school bus and resulted in the death of a school bus driver.

Pennsylvania truck accidents can cause serious harm and damage

Anyone that has driven beside or behind a big rig on Pennsylvania roads knows that the size difference between most other vehicles and tractor-trailer trucks is significant. Largely due to the size difference, when truck accidents occur, serious damage, injuries and death may result. Unfortunately, for innocent accident victims the resulting injuries can completely change how they previously experienced life. Not only may some lives be altered, but accident related expenses can add up quickly, often creating significant financial stress.

Truck accidents can cause expensive, debilitating injuries

Traffic laws and regulations exist to maintain order and safety on Pennsylvania roads. When a person does not adhere to traffic laws, order and safety may be hindered, possibly resulting in car and truck accidents. Due to their size, large trucks can cause serious harm and damage to smaller vehicles and their drivers. Recently, the driver of a construction boom truck who allegedly failed to stop at a red light and caused a serious accident two years ago was arraigned for aggravated assault by motor vehicle.

Victims of truck accidents may be eligible for compensation

Many sizes and types of vehicles share the roadways in Pennsylvania. Authorities do their best to regulate and enforce traffic laws to ensure safety for all people on the roads no matter type of vehicle is involved. Due to the danger larger trucks can impose on smaller vehicles, semi-truck drivers must adhere to additional regulations. Truck accidents can cause severe damage to property, people and other vehicles. 

There are legal options following truck accidents in Pennsylvania

There are federal regulations in place to ensure safe travel of trucks on the roads. When truckers ignore those regulations, intentionally or not, they endanger the lives of those traveling the same roads with them. Despite enforcement in Pennsylvania of federal regulations, truck accidents still occur. Recently, a multiple-vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer truck happened, causing a number of injuries and one fatality.

Amended regulations allow safety technology on truck windshields

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued an amendment to the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act to allow certain "vehicle safety technology" to be mounted on the interior of truck windshields. This includes the area that is swept by windshield wipers.


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