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1 arrested, 1 wanted in Lancaster County assault incident

The early morning hours find most Pennsylvania residents at home asleep in their beds. Some, however, may delay going home following an evening out on the town. Following a few drinks, people may become louder and more boisterous. Recently, one man was arrested and another one wanted on assault charges following an alleged altercation in Lancaster County.

Older man injured by assault from man 4 times younger

People get into arguments on a regular basis in Pennsylvania and all across the country. Different backgrounds, opinions, beliefs and ways of doing things can all contribute to an argument. Unfortunately, some fights escalate and may result in injuries to one or more parties. Recently, a young man was arrested for the alleged assault of a man more than four times his age.

Young Pennsylvania man charged with assault after a fight

Young adults may find themselves in situations that can easily get out of control. When alcohol, late nights and tempers are involved, disagreements can escalate quickly. Authorities may be required to intervene in some situations, possibly subjecting involved persons to criminal consequences. When charged and convicted, young adults may become owners of a criminal record, and unfortunately, any criminal record can hinder a young person's future school, rental and employment pursuits. A young Pennsylvania man may be seeking the advice of an attorney after he was charged with assault following a fight.

4 boys alleged assault captured on viral Facebook video

Social media started as a way to connect with friends over the internet, but it has grown to encompass a multitude of uses. These days, suspected criminal activity is often spread by social media before an accused individual has even stepped inside a court room. This can wreak havoc on the constitutional guarantee that every person accused of a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proved otherwise in court. Recently, the alleged assault of a mentally challenged man by four young boys in Pennsylvania was seen by millions on Facebook before the boys were charged with any crime.

Assault at bar leads to jail time for Pennsylvania man

As the school year ends, celebrations will begin. For many students and adults the celebrating may involve consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, some individuals do not make wise choices with alcohol in their system. When the poor choices lead to conflict with the law, one choice can result in a multitude of consequences. One man in Pennsylvania recently was found guilty of assault after enjoying an evening at a bar.

Man accused of identity theft for using stolen name for 20 years

There is a popular website used by many to discover fun facts about their family ancestors and history. While one woman was filling out her family tree, she unintentionally made a discovery that led to the arrest of a man in Pennsylvania for identity theft. The man has apparently lived for 20 years under the name of a deceased baby, but he must now answer the formal charges under the identity with which he is said to have been born. Fortunately, he does not have to navigate the criminal court system alone. Experienced criminal defense attorneys are available for any accused persons to offer legal advice and provide ongoing support.

Pennsylvania lawyers can assist with assault charges

Attacking anyone while intoxicated is not a wise decision, and it could potentially result in criminal charges. Unfortunately, attacking a police officer almost guarantees formal charges will be filed. The consequences can result in arrest, jail time, expensive fines and a permanent record. One Pennsylvania woman recently was found guilty of assault against a police officer that occurred in April of last year.

Criminal defense counsel helps with felony assault charges

Judgment is known to be impaired by alcohol consumption. The amount of alcohol that causes impairment varies from person to person. Unfortunately, impaired judgment can cause a person to make regretful mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes conflict with established law, leading to immediate and long term consequences. Recently in Pennsylvania, a young man allegedly became drunk, resulting in an arrest and assault charge.

Student convicted of assault in State College

Students attending school in State College sometimes find themselves in situations where they make rash immature mistakes. Unfortunately, for a student's future, some of those mistakes may end up on their record if law enforcement has to get involved. When students do find themselves charged with a crime, experienced criminal attorneys can help students prepare and present the best possible defense to lessen the impact on their future. Recently, a college student at Penn State was charged and found guilty of assault, and she will likely have to explain the conviction for years to come on applications to schools, rental units and employers. 

Pennsylvania teenager faces possible assault charges

Teenagers are known to often act irrationally and irresponsibly as they navigate through confusing years of hormone changes and learning how to appropriately interact with their peers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some mistakes made as an adolescent can be damaging to a teen's reputation and future. Some mistakes carry consequences that no parent wants to see his or her child face. Recently, in Pennsylvania, a 15-year-old girl may potentially face assault charges after a video of her beating another classmate went viral. If charges are made against her, her parents could benefit from speaking with a criminal defense attorney to lessen the impact of the formal accusations on her future.


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