State College Drug Distribution Lawyer

Experienced Defense Against Drug Distribution Charges

At The Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko in State College, you will find an attorney with more than 25 years of criminal defense experience. That experience can benefit you, regardless of whether you have been charged with drug possession simply for sharing drugs with a friend or if you have been accused of playing a part in a more complex drug trafficking scheme.

In every drug distribution case, a conviction could result in jail time or high fines. A variety of lesser-known penalties are also possible, including driver's license suspension. This is in addition to the impact that having a criminal record may have on your education and your career. The Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko strives to prevent or minimize these consequences.

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Sharing Drugs is Drug Distribution

Many people accused of drug distribution or delivery are caught by surprise. They may not have been involved in any sort of transaction where drugs were sold for profit. Perhaps they were merely sharing marijuana or another drug with a friend. Perhaps they simply handed over a package of prescription drugs on behalf of a roommate. The charge is still distribution, regardless of whether money was pocketed. In fact, possession with the intent to deliver can be charged even if no actual drug dealing took place.

These accusations are serious enough on their own, but can be made even more severe if you are accused of distribution within a school zone. The Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko can defend you, regardless of how complex your case may be.

Representation From a Former Police Officer and Criminal Prosecutor

Firsthand experience working for the other side strengthens attorney Roy Lisko's ability to craft criminal defense strategies that take the opposition's perspective into account. You can be certain you will receive strong defense representation.

Roy Lisko represents University of Penn State students and professors, fellow attorneys and other professionals, as well as everyone else in Centre County and the surrounding communities. For a free consultation, call The Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko at 814-237-6673 or toll free at 1-800-640-1064.