State College Brain Injury Lawyer

Experienced Representation for Brain Injury Victims

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it can be tempting to push for compensation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, accepting a quick settlement may be extremely problematic. It may not properly cover all future costs. The Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko in State College wants to make certain you get compensation that truly meets your needs.

Your brain injury claim will be handled personally by lawyer Roy Lisko, who will use more than 25 years of experience to help you get the right results. Whether a head injury was caused by a car accident, truck accident motorcycle accident or any other type of negligence, the goal is the same: maximum compensation.

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The Key to Getting Full and Fair Compensation

Brain injuries are complex. A mild TBI may result in personality changes that the victim doesn't even notice. Severe TBI may result in lifelong costs that can be difficult to analyze. The key to getting full and fair compensation that covers all costs is making certain to wait until an injury is fully understood before moving forward with a claim.

Understanding an injury means working with medical experts to understand the mental and physical challenges the victim will face now and in the future. It means working with vocational and economic experts to understand how the injury will impact the victim's career choices, and how much will be lost in wages throughout the victim's life.

You Pay Nothing Unless Your Case is a Success

The law firm covers the upfront costs of investigation, expert opinions and building your traumatic brain injury case. While other firms may charge for these expenses while the case is in progress, The Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko does not ask for any payment unless a claim is successful.

Attorney Roy Lisko can meet with you in your home or in the hospital if a visit to our Pennsylvania office is not possible. You focus on recovering from the brain injury. The firm will focus on getting you compensation. For a free consultation, call The Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko at 814-237-6673 or toll free at 800-640-1064.