Accidents Caused by a Violation of Trucking Regulations

Truck drivers must comply with certain regulations on the job. Unfortunately, when these regulations are not followed, they can lead to fatal accidents. This disregard for the rules can cost innocent victims their lives, causing debilitating injuries or death.

Attorney Roy Lisko's background as a police officer and prosecutor has equipped him with the knowledge of trucking regulations to handle truck and tractor-trailer accident cases. His 30 years of experience handling these cases has instilled in him the knowledge of trucking regulations.

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Injured in a Truck Accident Due to a Violation of Trucking Regulations?

Pennsylvania has adopted Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, which lays out rules for trucks involved in interstate travel. For trucks traveling within the state, similar rules may apply.

The regulations set forth certain precautionary measures for truck drivers to take before and during travel. These measures include:

  • Passing a drug and alcohol test if you drive a vehicle that meets certain conditions
  • Abstaining from alcohol consumption while on duty
  • Obtaining a commercial driver's license to operate large vehicles
  • Passing a physical examination every two years
  • Performing periodic inspection of the vehicle and equipment
  • Securing and loading truck cargo in a safe manner
  • Conforming with the speed limit
  • Using extreme caution while driving under hazardous conditions

If you were involved in a truck accident due to a rule violation, you need a lawyer to protect your legal rights. Attorney Lisko will fully investigate your situation and provide you with options that allow you to seek compensation.

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