Traffic Offenses

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One of the most common legal problems is a traffic ticket. Anyone can take their eye off the speedometer or mistakenly pass a school bus loading children. Although the consequences of these violations are not as severe as a criminal offense, they can affect car insurance rates, and may even affect a person's right to drive.

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Protect your record and your license by hiring an experienced traffic violations defense lawyer to advocate vigorously on your behalf. Call the State College, Pennsylvania, Law Offices of Roy K. Lisko at 1-800-640-1064 today.

Over 25 Years Experience

In his more than 25 years as a practicing lawyer, Attorney Lisko has represented individuals throughout Centre County in almost every imaginable traffic situation. He defends drivers facing criminal charges for the following minor and serious traffic offenses:

Pennsylvania law includes a point system for traffic violations. An accumulation of too many points can result in the suspension of your driving privileges, and certain traffic offenses require an immediate driver's license suspension. A serious traffic violation has an even greater negative impact on an individual with a commercial driver's license (CDL) or otherwise relies upon an operator's license for work.

There are many technical defenses that may be presented at a traffic hearing before a district judge. As a former police officer, Attorney Roy Lisko issued traffic tickets for all types of violations, providing his clients with a unique advantage in developing a knowledgeable, creative defense. If the officer failed to establish any one of the many elements of the offense, you may be entitled to have the ticket dismissed or be found not guilty.

An Effective Defense

Sometimes the better way to handle a traffic violations case is through cooperation rather than confrontation with the police. Let's face it, many times the person facing traffic violation charges did in fact violate the law in some way.

Mr. Lisko, himself a former police officer and prosecutor, has represented many police officers, prosecutors, judges, and their families. If you or someone in your family needs to defend against traffic violations, doesn't it make sense to go to a lawyer who has the experience of working inside the criminal justice system?

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