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Truck accidents: Crash injures construction worker

It is a necessity for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to keep roadways safe and functional every year. The PennDOT estimates that 100 different projects occur all over the state every year. In the process, traffic typically is able to continue traveling as roadwork takes place, but accidents are not uncommon in a construction zone. People who have been involved in truck accidents may be interested in a recent accident involving a tractor-trailer and a construction vehicle.

Construction vehicles were in the process of setting up guide rails and orange safety cones to begin directing traffic in anticipation of new work when the accident occurred. The actions proceeding the accident are unknown, but it is known that a tractor-trailer crashed into a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle became trapped and was subsequently injured. The truck driver also suffered injuries, and both drivers are expected to survive.

The effectiveness of DUI checkpoints in Pennsylvania

Checkpoints are designed for the purpose of catching individuals who may be driving drunk, but there are many in Pennsylvania who disagree with their effectiveness and dispute their benefits. A recent checkpoint in Harrisburg that stopped 475 cars resulted in just two arrests for drunk driving. There are varying opinions about why there were so few arrests compared to the total number of cars stopped.

At this particular DUI checkpoint, approximately three dozen law enforcement officers were working. Because of the low number of arrests made, people claim that these checkpoints are not an effective use of officers' time and taxpayer resources. While there are some who think checkpoints are ineffective, others believe that the low number of arrests could be because more people are aware of the serious repercussions associated with drunk driving in Pennsylvania.

Driving in or near Penn State? Issues that may lead to a DUI stop

Life in a college town can be adventurous and fun. If you're a student at Penn State, life is likely also very challenging at times, especially regarding trying to keep up with your studies and make the grade. It's understandable that you try to fit rest and relaxation in with your academics and that you enjoy spending your free time socializing with your friends.  

If your social time includes driving in or around Penn State campus, you definitely want to make sure you understand and adhere to all state traffic regulations. It's also useful to know what types of issues may prompt a police officer to pull you over. In fact, there are several things that will likely place you under immediate suspicion of drunk driving. If you want to avoid legal trouble, you'll also want to avoid these driving behaviors.  

Truck accidents: Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike results in injury

There are numerous reasons why a vehicle may have the need to pull over and park on the shoulder of a busy highway or freeway. A crying baby, a flat tire, engine trouble or medical emergency are all many reasons that may necessitate the need for a driver to make the decision to pull over to the shoulder. Most drivers who have stopped on the shoulder of a busy road would likely attest that they would wait to the nearest exit if they could, because of the danger of all the fast moving vehicles near their stopped vehicle. Sadly, a van driver who had to park on the side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was unaware that he or she would be involved in one of the area's serious truck accidents.

Late at night, a van was parked alongside the Pennsylvania Turnpike for unknown reasons. An approaching tractor-trailer crashed into the van. The events leading up to the crash have not been determined, and the investigation is pending.

Man takes daughter to eat ice cream; instead charged with assault

Recently, a Pennsylvania man took his daughter to get some ice cream at a Dairy Queen. Instead of enjoying some cold ice-cream on a hot day, he found himself in need of a criminal defense attorney. He has been charged with aggravated assault and other serious charges.

As the 30-year-old man was attempting to order ice cream with his 4-year-old daughter near the cash register, employees became concerned. They reported that he appeared to be falling asleep standing up and was incoherent at times. Dairy Queen employees decided it was in the girl's best interest to call the authorities. Once authorities arrived, they allegedly observed the man's pinpoint pupils, slurred speech, staggering walk and sluggish appearance.

Penn State Takes The Lead In Keeping Tabs On Greek Organizations

Penn State has taken the lead of universities around the country in keeping tabs on Greek organizations. According to the Wall Street Journal, universities all over the country are teaming up with a new reporting system to watch over Greek organizations. The hope is that they will be able to curb hazing and other forms of abuse.

Truck accidents: Motorcycle rider pinned under truck

Traffic comes to a standstill in Pennsylvania for numerous reasons. Debris in the road, wayward pedestrians, accidents and rubberneck drivers trying to glimpse something or someone nearby are all reasons traffic may be delayed. Unfortunately, many truck accidents are the reason for traffic jams and can result in serious injuries for any victims. A recent traffic jam has left one motorcycle rider injured after a serious crash with a tractor-trailer. 

The accident occurred on a recent afternoon. Witnesses were not clear about what events may have led to the accident, but some report that the road is narrow and dangerous. At some point, the tractor-trailer and a motorcycle crashed. 

Truck accidents: Distracted driving resulted in death

With the popular and common use of smartphones, distracted driving has become a major concern to many, including authorities and lawmakers. Many states, including Pennsylvania, have passed laws making it illegal to operate and use a cell phone while driving, but it continues to occur, resulting in car and truck accidents. A truck driver was recently charged with felony homicide following a fatal accident he was involved in last fall, and he has been accused of using his cell phone just prior to the accident. 

The 34-year-old man was operating a tractor-trailer last year when he ran into the back of a motorcycle. The accident resulted in serious injuries for the 56-year-old bike rider, and he did not survive. At the time of the accident, the truck driver claimed to have been distracted by a nearby construction job.

Motorcycle accidents: Crash claims life of firefighter

Motorcycles can be an efficient and fun way to commute to work every day. Just like any other vehicle on the road, motorcycles can be involved in serious collisions. Due to the lack of protection for bikers, motorcycle accidents can result in serious and fatal injuries. Accident victims, or the surviving families of deceased victims, typically find comfort in the support and assistance of a personal injury attorney following a serious collision. Sadly, one Pennsylvania family and community is grieving the loss of beloved firefighter after he was involved in a crash while riding his bike.

The fireman was using his motorcycle to commute to work. He reportedly had served as a fireman in his community for 11 years and was well-liked by his peers. Before arriving at work, an SUV struck his bike, and he suffered serious injuries.

Motorcycle accidents: Rider dies after collision with police car

Spring is in the air, making it the perfect temperature to be outside and enjoy nature. Motorcycle riding typically increases this time of year due to the warm weather and favorable driving conditions. Unfortunately, increased riding also results in more motorcycle accidents. Sadly, a Pennsylvania rider recently lost his life when he collided with an unmarked police car.  

The motorcycle rider was apparently headed southbound when it crashed into an unmarked police car. The police car was apparently in the area making routine traffic stops. Both drivers may have been unaware of the other up until the moment of the crash because witnesses state that no sounds of brake screeching were heard.


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