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Changes To License Suspensions For Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

There are some recent changes in the suspension of operating privileges for drivers convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs for Pennsylvania residents.

Don't spin your wheels after injury-causing motorcycle collision

While the weather is cool and it's not riding season right now, in a few short months it will be. Motorcyclists have unique experiences on the road. Unlike passenger car drivers, they can take advantage of the freedom that comes with driving motorcycles. However, they also face dangers that other motorists do not have to worry about. 

For example, if you're a motorcyclist, you have no barrier to protect you from the road. In addition, car drivers might struggle to see you. If you suffer an injury-causing motorcycle collision in Pennsylvania because a car driver was not paying proper attention to the road, you have the right to seek to hold him or her accountable.

Truck accidents: Man killed after crash into tractor-trailer

Because of the hazard they can pose to other smaller vehicles on Pennsylvania roadways, truck drivers and companies are required to abide by multiple regulations to ensure the safety of everyone traveling around them.  Although most of the regulations are well established, in many circumstances, drivers and companies neglect to follow them. Sadly, negligence can result in serious truck accidents often resulting in life-altering injuries and even death.

Even when a tractor-trailer is not in motion, a truck driver must follow several requirements to ensure safety. Limitations establish when and where a truck is allowed to be parked on the side of a road. Additionally, when a tractor-trailer is parked along the side of the road, bright colored cones and flares are required to be placed around the truck as a warning to other drivers. 

Mother allegedy stabs son in leg; charged with assault

There is a popular quote that many display in their kitchens that states "Don't mess with the cook." One Pennsylvania son, reportedly 35 years old, has learned in an unpleasant way the meaning of the quote. After an altercation in the kitchen with his mother, he was stabbed with a steak knife. His mother has been arrested and charged with assault

Police were called to intervene at the scene early one recent morning. According to police and the woman's adult son, he was stabbed in his back right leg with a steak knife by his 57-year-old mother. The dispute continued when police arrived, and the mother allegedly threw a can of soda at one of the officers.

Man charged with drunk driving and assualt after injuring walker

Some people can attest that when some circumstance of life get bad, it can continue to spiral out of control. Some individuals are not sure how to break a cycle of bad habits, and some people end up needing the assistance of a criminal defense attorney when certain habits interfere with established law. One Pennsylvania man recently had to appear in court to face charges of drunk driving and assault, and he has likely requested the assistance of an attorney to develop a defense strategy.

The 42-year-old man has been accused of driving under the influence. Unfortunately, it was not a case of a simple DUI. He struck a 20-year-old woman with his vehicle. The woman was reportedly within the crosswalk and is in critical condition.

A breath test is only part of the equation when it comes to DUI

You may admit that you had a couple of drinks before you drove home, but remain confident that your blood alcohol concentration is not at or above .08 percent, which is the legal limit here in Pennsylvania. When you submit to the breath test, the results prove you right. So, why did the police officer still place you under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol?

Thanks to movies and television, many people believe that as long as the results of a breath test don't show legal intoxication (a reading of .08 or above), they can't be arrested for DUI. However, that test only constitutes part of the equation when it comes establishing probable cause for an arrest. 

Woman accused of theft after playing lottery game at work

Pennsylvania attorneys understand that it may be easy to fall into a situation where unintended stealing from an employer may occur. A woman was recently accused of theft from her employer, and she may face thousands in fines and years in prison. She is likely using the assistance of a criminal defense attorney to strategize her defense case in court.

The woman worked for a store called Spanky's Tobacco World and appears to have been on her shift alone on the day of her alleged crimes. Allegedly, she spent a large part of her shift playing an online lottery game and purchasing thousands of dollars of tickets that cost $5 a piece. Her employer was alerted to the possible theft by the person who reported to the store for the next shift. According to the other employee, the accused woman admitted that her cash register drawer would not be accurate, and she returned with $3,000 in cash to attempt to make up for her lottery games.

New bill in Senate could change drunk driving punishment

Apparently, Pennsylvania lawmakers do not feel that current laws related to impaired driving are stringent enough. A state Senate committee has been working on a new bill that would increase the punishment of repeated drunk driving offenses. The bill has been passed by the committee and now must be considered in the state Senate.  

Senate Bill 961 was unanimously passed by the committee that drafted the bill. The bill will now proceed for all state senators to discuss and vote. Many lawmakers do not feel that some of the current punishments coincide with the level of offense some commit and also believe some punishments are too lenient. The goal is to make the punishment match the crime.

When hazing goes too far, will your child face charges?

If your son is a student at the Pennsylvania State University or any other institute of higher learning, you may be exceedingly proud of him for his efforts and successes, or you may be hoping that something will click for him next semester and he will buckle down and get to work. Either way, you are likely aware that this is a time of growth and opportunity for your child, and he is learning and doing things that go beyond lectures and study groups.

In fact, if your son has pledged to a fraternity, you may have mixed emotions. Your experiences in a fraternity or sorority introduced you to friends you may still cherish and incidents you may still reminisce and laugh about. However, you know too well that it's a different world. The highly publicized tragedies that involved fraternities at Penn State and other universities have cast a shadow over the Greek community. Because of this, your son's future may be at risk.

Truck accidents: Brake failure results in multiple collisions

Any time a vehicle has mechanical issues, it can be expensive to repair. When a vehicle has a mechanical failure in transit, it can be terrifying and can result in serious accidents. One of Pennsylvania's recent truck accidents appears to have been caused by the failure of brakes on a tractor-trailer.

The tractor-trailer involved in the accident was traveling down a hill on a highway when its brakes failed. Unfortunately, it was headed in the direction of multiple stopped vehicles. The vehicles were stopped at a red light, and the uncontrolled truck slammed into one car, which resulted in a chain reaction of other accidents. A total of nine cars were involved in the collision.


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