Motorcycle accidents and insurance

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If you have been riding a motorcycle for any length of time you know one of the biggest dangers is a person driving a truck or car who does not see you. This can be for any number of reasons such as a bad curve, a dangerous intersection or simply the fact that motorcycles are often difficult to see.

In addition to other drivers, motorcyclists are often injured as a result of a condition on the road. Road shoulder drop-off, where the edge of the road is significantly higher than the berm is one cause. Another cause can be a defect in the surface of the road itself.

If you have ever seen tar snakes, those wiggly strips of tar that are used to fill in cracks on the highway, you know that they can be dangerous when wet. In one case the tar was applied in a much wider ban than was permissible, causing and especially slippery road surface. When the unsuspecting biker hit the wet tar snake, the bike went out from under him.

With all of the special rules that apply to motorcycles anyone injured in motorcycle accident would be well advised to consult their lawyer.

Motorcycles and Insurance

If you are injured while riding a motorcycle getting compensation for your injuries and medical bills is different from a car or truck collision. For example, since you cannot by first-party medical benefits insurance for riding a motorcycle you must look to your healthcare insurance to pay your medical bills. If you are injured while operating a car or truck, your car or truck insurance will be the first place to look to pay your medical bills.

If your medical bills are paid by your health care insurance, the company may ask you to reimburse them if you get a settlement from the person or entity that injured you. There is an argument to be made that since motorcycle insurance is different from other motor vehicle insurance, you do not have to repay the bills. As with almost anything in the law there is an argument that you must repay the bills and the best way to handle this matter is to have your lawyer look into it.

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