Costs In A Criminal Defense Case

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If you are convicted or plead guilty in a criminal case in addition to legal fees you will be required to pay the costs of prosecution. Additionally, if you receive some alternative disposition such as ARD, you will also have costs to pay. The costs can vary around the State but in Centre County they can be as much as $2,300 on what you might think of as a relatively simple criminal matter. For example, if a person is charged with driving under the influence and is either convicted or receives an ARD (common for a first time offender), you will have to pay for such things as the fingerprinting fee, $200, crime lab user fee, $134 and even a firearm education and training fund fee of $5. Failure to pay the costs according to a schedule given to a person by the Probation Department will subject the person to contempt of court and their probation may be revoked. 

In addition to court costs and lawyer fees, if there was an injury to another person or to property, a defendant is required to make restitution for those damages. The restitution is mandatory under Pennsylvania law and will be included in the court’s sentencing order.

In most cases a person will be given some period of time to repay the costs and restitution if any. Normally a payment scheduled is issued by the Probation Department immediately after a person is placed on probation.

Anyone with more specific questions regarding costs or restitution should contact their lawyer.