Sex assault on college campuses

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2015 | Personal Injury |

The National District Attorneys Association is proposing a bill that would change the way campus sexual assault cases are handled by colleges and universities. The thrust of the bill is that university should consult police before punishing these potentially criminal offenses.

The Safe Campus Act requires a police investigation of sexual assault claims before colleges and universities begin disciplinary proceedings against students. This would be a dramatic change from the way cases are currently handled by campuses around the country.

The proposed law would also provide the right to a lawyer for any student charged, or for the accusing student. Of course, there is the opposition to the bill providing legal safeguards for both accused and accusers. One criticism is that the new law would make campuses less safe.

As a former Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General, I find it hard to believe that the National District Attorneys Association would propose any bill that would make campuses less safe.

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