Fraternity hazing

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If you are a member of a fraternity and are thinking about hazing a potential brother, you should carefully read the following.

A Pennsylvania grand jury has recommended the filing of criminal charges against dozens of fraternity members who engaged in a hazing ritual. The hazing allegedly resulted in the death of a New York City college freshman.

The grand jury has recommended that third-degree murder charges be filed against the Pi Delta Psi fraternity and five individual students at Baruque College. The charges stem from the death of a 19-year-old pledge. Thirty-two other members of the fraternity also face charges from hazing to aggravated assault.

In this case, the pledge was blindfolded, given a thirty-pound backpack to carry, and forced to run through a gauntlet in what police are calling a fraternity ritual. Unfortunately, during the ritual, the pledge was knocked unconscious. The fraternity members waited an hour before taking him to the hospital. The young man suffered a severe brain injury that resulted in his death.

If you are a brother in a fraternity and even considering hazing someone, you may want to think twice.