Kiss Cam – Yes or No?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

We have all seen it, you are at an arena or a field and the kiss cam shows two people in the stands. The camera holds on them until they kiss.

One fan recently complained that the kiss cam encouraged male entitlement and sexual assault. Almost immediately the kiss cam was stopped.

At Syracuse University an online poll in the Daily Orange the student newspaper reported that six out of ten people said that the kiss cam should continue. One out of seven thought it should be banned. The issue of whether or not to ban the kiss cam is not as simple as it sounds. With the number of sexual assaults increasing on college campuses, some people believe that the kiss cam may encourage improper sexual conduct. At Syracuse University there is talk of keeping the kiss camera out of the student section since many students who sit together are just friends. Evidently there was concern about the kiss cam encouraging uncomfortable situations.