Tractor trailer accidents

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If you are injured by a tractor trailer, the owner of the company in question will have a professional on their side. If you are the victim of a tractor trailer accident, you should have a professional on your side–someone who is an experienced personal injury lawyer who has time helping accident victims.

In selecting an attorney for your case, you should make sure that the lawyer representing you has experience in tractor trailer accident cases. You should also be sure that your attorney has access to the resources that will be vital to your case, such as investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and photographers who will make your case for you.

It isn’t always necessary to file a lawsuit to get a recovery against a tractor trailer driver or his or her insurance company. It is, however, quite important to make sure that you hire the right people to help you.

Roy Lisko has the experience to handle your tractor trailer accident case. As a cop, Mr. Lisko investigated many accidents and understand what goes into a serious accident investigation. As an Assistant District Attorney, he has prosecuted people who have caused accidents. And, as a lawyer, he has been representing victims for more than thirty years.

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