College Campus Sex Offense Discipline

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Sex Assault |

Students returning to Penn State this semester or any college campus might be interested in a recent article from the Washington Post, August 29th. The title of the article is “Toxic Environment For Sons Accused Of Campus Sex Offenses Turns Mothers Into Militants”.

Sherry Warner-Seefeld, a high school teacher, has a son who was accused of a sex offense on his college campus. She thought that the alleged offense would be much more serious than her son was lead to believe. 

Eventually Ms. Warner’s son was convicted in a University hearing and expelled. The young woman who accused her son of sexual misconduct repeated her complaint to the local police department. The assigned investigator found so many holes and contradictions in the woman’s story that they concluded she was lying and making false reports to a police officer.

The family thought this action would put an end to the matter. Unfortunately, when the University learned of the woman’s alleged lie it refused to open their case. After much hard work, the young man was re-admitted to the University.

This awful experience inspired Ms. Warner-Seefeld to co-found an organization called FACE, Families Advocating For Campus Equality which assists other parents in similar situations.

College students and parents alike may wish to visit the FACE website and review the complete article from the Washington Post for more information.