Motorcycle Lane-Splitting

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle accidents can be among the most devastating especially when the cyclist is hit by a larger vehicle such as a truck or car.

California lawmakers are moving a step closer to making motorcycle riding safer. California would be the first state to legalize or recognize lane-splitting as a legal maneuver.

There is research that shows lane-splitting can reduce traffic congestion and reduce the likelihood of a motorcycle being struck from behind. As any experienced motorcycle rider knows, being struck from behind is a very real hazard. Those lane-splitting motorcyclists who were involved in crashes were less likely than other motorcyclists to suffer a head injury, torso injury or fatal injury. The study also found that there was no real increase of injuries until the traffic speed increase was in excess of 50 mph.

One study taken by the University of California concluded that the practice of lane-splitting is a relatively safe maneuver if both the bike rider and other drivers know the law.

Perhaps at one point in the future the Pennsylvania legislature will recognize the benefits of lane-splitting and legalize the maneuver.