Important Information For People With Misdemeanor Criminal Records

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

If you have a conviction for a misdemeanor on your record you know that it presents certain hurdles for you in terms of getting ahead in your job, educational opportunities or finding a place to live. Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolfe recently signed into law a Senate bill which will allow for the sealing of certain criminal records. It is not exactly an expungement but it will provide limited access to the misdemeanor records.

There are certain eligibility requirements for a person who wants to have their record sealed. For example you must have been free from any arrests or prosecution for ten years following the conviction or release from confinement (jail) which ever is later.

At the present time this sealing option is only available to people with a misdemeanor two or three grade level conviction. It would not help people with a first degree misdemeanor or any felony conviction. There are also some statutory prohibitions for certain crimes such as impersonating a public service or retaliating against a witness.

Therefore, if you were a student at Penn State and did something silly while you were in downtown State College, you may have a record at the Centre County Courthouse. If this record is hindering you in obtaining a job, promotion or a license you may want to investigate having that record sealed.