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Victims of truck accidents may be eligible for compensation

Many sizes and types of vehicles share the roadways in Pennsylvania. Authorities do their best to regulate and enforce traffic laws to ensure safety for all people on the roads no matter type of vehicle is involved. Due to the danger larger trucks can impose on smaller vehicles, semi-truck drivers must adhere to additional regulations. Truck accidents can cause severe damage to property, people and other vehicles. 

Criminal defense advice available for charges of identity theft

Felony charges at any age may cause serious impact on a person's life. The younger a person is, the longer the consequences may be experienced. A person's future school, job and rental applications may all be hindered by a felony record. Although it is not considered a violent crime, identity theft is one of many felonies that may affect a person's future if it results in a conviction. Recently in Pennsylvania, two young men found themselves in need of the counsel of a criminal lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents can result in amputations

Motorcycles travel the same roads and interstates as much larger vehicles. The bike offers little protection for the rider in the event of a collision. Personal injury attorneys work to ensure that people injured in motorcycle accidents by negligent drivers receive the same rights to compensation as drivers of other vehicles. Recently, a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania civil court was given a second chance to recover compensation for an injured motorcyclist.

Drunk driving in Pennsylvania can lead to serious consequences

Authorities in Pennsylvania are keenly aware that holiday weekends bring many instances of reckless driving and car accidents. Some territories in the state choose to be proactive by setting up sobriety checkpoints on holiday weekends. The collected data indicates about 20 percent of last New Year's weekend car accidents were a result of drunk driving.

Pennsylvania man charged with bank fraud and identity theft

When a person is charged with a crime, it can be an overwhelming experience regardless of guilt. Legal counsel can be very beneficial to the accused. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a defendant navigate the legal system and determine the best defense for charges filed. Recently, a 24-year-old Pennsylvania man is becoming familiar with the legal system after being arrested for theft.

Drunk driving causes serious consequences in Pennsylvania

Being arrested and accused of a crime can be overwhelming and may leave a person worried about the impact it will have on their future. Experienced criminal defense attorneys in Pennsylvania can help those who have been charged with a crime navigate the court system and their options within it. A 29-year-old man recently found himself in need of legal assistance after allegedly drunk driving and injuring someone in a car crash.

Motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania can cause serious injuries

When someone rides a motorcycle, they have little protection between them and the road in the event of an accident. When the accident involves a larger vehicle, it can cause catastrophic injuries to the bike rider. Motorcycle accidents in many circumstances are fatal. Recently, one Pennsylvania man was severely injured due to the apparent negligence of a construction worker.

There are legal options following truck accidents in Pennsylvania

There are federal regulations in place to ensure safe travel of trucks on the roads. When truckers ignore those regulations, intentionally or not, they endanger the lives of those traveling the same roads with them. Despite enforcement in Pennsylvania of federal regulations, truck accidents still occur. Recently, a multiple-vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer truck happened, causing a number of injuries and one fatality.

Student convicted of assault in State College

Students attending school in State College sometimes find themselves in situations where they make rash immature mistakes. Unfortunately, for a student's future, some of those mistakes may end up on their record if law enforcement has to get involved. When students do find themselves charged with a crime, experienced criminal attorneys can help students prepare and present the best possible defense to lessen the impact on their future. Recently, a college student at Penn State was charged and found guilty of assault, and she will likely have to explain the conviction for years to come on applications to schools, rental units and employers. 

Officer caught drunk driving in PA

As soon as someone in Pennsylvania faces a charge of drunk driving, he or she will immediately see the consequences of that choice in their life. The possibility of losing a driver's license after such a charge is just the beginning. Without intervention and the aid of a criminal defense lawyer, jail time, fines and loss of current and potential future employment are all possibilities of a conviction for drunk driving. Recently, a law enforcement officer has found himself on the other side of the law when he faced multiple charges in a criminal court.  

Pennsylvania teenager faces possible assault charges

Teenagers are known to often act irrationally and irresponsibly as they navigate through confusing years of hormone changes and learning how to appropriately interact with their peers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some mistakes made as an adolescent can be damaging to a teen's reputation and future. Some mistakes carry consequences that no parent wants to see his or her child face. Recently, in Pennsylvania, a 15-year-old girl may potentially face assault charges after a video of her beating another classmate went viral. If charges are made against her, her parents could benefit from speaking with a criminal defense attorney to lessen the impact of the formal accusations on her future.

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