Criminal defense advice available for charges of identity theft

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Felony charges at any age may cause serious impact on a person’s life. The younger a person is, the longer the consequences may be experienced. A person’s future school, job and rental applications may all be hindered by a felony record. Although it is not considered a violent crime, identity theft is one of many felonies that may affect a person’s future if it results in a conviction. Recently in Pennsylvania, two young men found themselves in need of the counsel of a criminal lawyer.

The two allegedly attempted to purchase an iPhone 7 Plus with illegal identification. According to reports, one of the men presented a driver’s license under the name of another individual to purchase the phone at a Best Buy mobile store. When authorities later questioned the 21-year-old man, he apparently presented his own correct identification. Allegedly, he also carried two other false driver’s licenses. Authorities say they all had the same picture, but all were under different names.

When questioned, the second man allegedly did not have correct identification with him. Instead, reports state he was in possession of two other driver’s licenses under other men’s names. Both were charged with felonies, and each man posted bail of $30,000.

Facing felony charges can be overwhelming and stressful. Pennsylvania attorneys familiar with white collar crimes such as identity theft are able to review all evidence of a case and formulate a defense strategy focused on achieving the best possible outcome for the accused. If charges cannot be eliminated, attorneys will strive to reduce their impact on the defendant’s future.

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