Motorcycle accidents can result in amputations

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Motorcycles travel the same roads and interstates as much larger vehicles. The bike offers little protection for the rider in the event of a collision. Personal injury attorneys work to ensure that people injured in motorcycle accidents by negligent drivers receive the same rights to compensation as drivers of other vehicles. Recently, a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania civil court was given a second chance to recover compensation for an injured motorcyclist.

While attempting to pass two trucks, a man driving a motorcycle was seriously injured. He successfully passed the first truck, but the second truck hit him. The plaintiff claims that the trucker did not alert with his signal soon enough, and the trucker did not see him till just prior to impact. The collision caused him to be thrown from his bike, causing an injury severe enough to have his leg amputated.

Despite the plaintiff’s objections at trial, the defense was permitted to include evidence that the motorcyclist had visited some bars prior to driving. Under Pennsylvania law, the appeals court panel ruled the evidence inadmissible and concluded that it may have impacted the jury’s decision denying compensation to the rider. The law only allows for evidence of drunk driving to be admitted in civil court cases, not the mere fact of drinking. Despite the fact that he had been to bars in the hours prior to riding his bike, no evidence was presented that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash. With the ruling, the rider has renewed hope to recover some compensation for the medical bills and other damages involved with his injury.

Motorcycle accidents can be terrifying, often causing severe and fatal injuries. Unexpected medical, physical therapy bills and lost time at work can occur after a serious injury. Personal injury attorneys familiar with the civil court system can advise a biker of his or her rights to seek compensation.

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