Student convicted of assault in State College

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Students attending school in State College sometimes find themselves in situations where they make rash immature mistakes. Unfortunately, for a student’s future, some of those mistakes may end up on their record if law enforcement has to get involved. When students do find themselves charged with a crime, experienced criminal attorneys can help students prepare and present the best possible defense to lessen the impact on their future. Recently, a college student at Penn State was charged and found guilty of assault, and she will likely have to explain the conviction for years to come on applications to schools, rental units and employers. 

Late one night in June, the student became aware that the man she was romantically involved with was out in downtown State College with another female. After the man returned the other female to her home, the 22-year-old student apparently showed up an hour later to confront the couple. Reports indicate only the other woman was present, and she claimed the student chased her into her apartment, beat her and bit her on the shoulder.

The victim had an alarm inside her residence that she was able to push that alerted authorities to arrive. The perpetrator was not on the scene when law enforcement arrived, and she was not arrested until eight days later. The student not only faced misdemeanor assault charges in her one-day jury trial but also charges of burglary and criminal trespass.

She was sentenced to three days in jail. Although she was found guilty of misdemeanor assault, she was found not guilty of the charges of burglary and criminal trespass. Being found guilty of only one of the three charges will likely lessen the impact of the verdict on her future. Students who are wrongfully charged with a crime or had a moment of poor judgment can benefit from seeking legal counsel to contest the accusations.

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