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Pennsylvania lawyers can assist with assault charges

Attacking anyone while intoxicated is not a wise decision, and it could potentially result in criminal charges. Unfortunately, attacking a police officer almost guarantees formal charges will be filed. The consequences can result in arrest, jail time, expensive fines and a permanent record. One Pennsylvania woman recently was found guilty of assault against a police officer that occurred in April of last year.

Sheriff's deputy caught drunk driving in Pennsylvania

No one is immune to making reckless mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes conflict with established law and can lead to serious consequences for the accused. Fortunately, the law allows for legal counsel and assistance of anyone accused of a crime. Recently, a Pennsylvania sheriff's deputy learned he is also subject to the law and its consequences when he was sentenced for drunk driving

Do I have a case if a dog bit me?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4.5 million dog bites occur every year. If you are included in this number, you know first hand how physically painful and emotionally traumatizing this type of situation can be. What you may not know is that you do not have to face the aftermath of this situation alone.

Driving In the Snow

Although winter is almost over in most of Pennsylvania, there are certainly snow dates ahead. If you will be driving in snowy conditions here are some things to consider.

Counsel available if caught drunk driving or driving on drugs

Young people often make immature and irresponsible decisions that may affect them for the rest of their lives. They may not realize that being caught drunk driving or in the possession of illegal drugs is reality with immediate and long-term consequences. A young man's poor decisions while operating a vehicle recently resulted in his arrest in Pennsylvania.

White collar theft can lead to serious consequences

Charges and/or convictions of any criminal activity can have a negative impact on a person's life. A damaged reputation, jail time and fines are just a few of the consequences that may be experienced after criminal charges are filed against a person in Pennsylvania. Although white collar crimes, by nature, typically do not result in the harm of another human being, they can still result in serious consequences. White collar crimes may consist of crimes such as identity theft, fraud, tax evasion or stealing from companies.

Legal counsel is available after charges of drunk driving

People make countless decisions every day. Many routine and seemingly insignificant decisions have little impact on a person's life. Unfortunately, some people find themselves making poor choices and decisions that lead to conflict with established law. Recently, a Pennsylvania man allegedly made several poor decisions that landed him in jail. His decisions resulted in charges of drunk driving, carjacking a vehicle, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

Truck accidents can cause expensive, debilitating injuries

Traffic laws and regulations exist to maintain order and safety on Pennsylvania roads. When a person does not adhere to traffic laws, order and safety may be hindered, possibly resulting in car and truck accidents. Due to their size, large trucks can cause serious harm and damage to smaller vehicles and their drivers. Recently, the driver of a construction boom truck who allegedly failed to stop at a red light and caused a serious accident two years ago was arraigned for aggravated assault by motor vehicle.

Criminal defense counsel helps with felony assault charges

Judgment is known to be impaired by alcohol consumption. The amount of alcohol that causes impairment varies from person to person. Unfortunately, impaired judgment can cause a person to make regretful mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes conflict with established law, leading to immediate and long term consequences. Recently in Pennsylvania, a young man allegedly became drunk, resulting in an arrest and assault charge.

A Book For Every College Student And Their Parents

Earlier this year a book entitled The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack Of Due Process At American Universities entered the marketplace. Quoting from the Wall Street Journal, the authors "K. C. Johnson and Stewart Taylor, Jr. dismantled this myth of a campus rape crisis and show how, with alarming frequency, colleges mistreat students accused of assault by failing to allow them any meaningful opportunity to prove their innocence". It should be noted that the authors also wrote another book titled Until Proven Innocent about the Duke Lacrosse rape case and how outside factors, which have nothing to do with the truth, affected the outcome.

Criminal lawyers can help with drunk driving charges

An arrest for any crime may leave a person feeling overwhelmed and alone. Having the support of friends, family and a lawyer can help a person navigate the consequences he or she may face in the aftermath of an arrest. Criminal charges will not only have immediate repercussions, but if not handled correctly, they may continue to impact a person's future long after the individual has served his or her sentence or after charges have been dismissed. Recently, a Pennsylvania special education teacher has been forced to become familiar with the criminal court system after his alleged drunk driving accident. 

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