Criminal lawyers can help with drunk driving charges

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An arrest for any crime may leave a person feeling overwhelmed and alone. Having the support of friends, family and a lawyer can help a person navigate the consequences he or she may face in the aftermath of an arrest. Criminal charges will not only have immediate repercussions, but if not handled correctly, they may continue to impact a person’s future long after the individual has served his or her sentence or after charges have been dismissed. Recently, a Pennsylvania special education teacher has been forced to become familiar with the criminal court system after his alleged drunk driving accident. 

Authorities were called to a local high school early one recent morning after reports of a crash into part of the school’s property. When they arrived, police found an empty vehicle wrecked into a railing near a baseball field. The driver, a 54-year-old teacher, was found inside the school’s security office. Allegedly, his eyes, breath, and field sobriety tests indicated he may have driven his vehicle under the influence of alcohol.  

Allegedly, the teacher initially refused to be taken into custody. He now faces charges of driving under the influence, public drunkenness and criminal mischief. Although it is still early in his case, the teacher has resigned from his position at the high school. The results of his blood alcohol level test and any prior offenses will likely factor into the court’s decision concerning his charges and potential sentence. 

Although charges for drunk driving are serious, it is fortunate that no one was harmed in the incident. A Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer can examine all the evidence and facts in the teacher’s case and help negotiate a reduction of charges and help lessen the impact the arrest may have on his future. If a conviction of the charges cannot be avoided, a lawyer can still be beneficial to help negotiate a lesser sentence. 

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