Pennsylvania lawyers can assist with assault charges

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Attacking anyone while intoxicated is not a wise decision, and it could potentially result in criminal charges. Unfortunately, attacking a police officer almost guarantees formal charges will be filed. The consequences can result in arrest, jail time, expensive fines and a permanent record. One Pennsylvania woman recently was found guilty of assault against a police officer that occurred in April of last year.

At that time, the police received a phone call about a noise disturbance at an apartment building. When they arrived, they say they found the now-convicted woman yelling and drinking wine. Although she appeared intoxicated, they did not feel she was intoxicated enough to warrant medical attention. She was advised to return to her apartment and to stop drinking. On return to her apartment, she allegedly allowed the officers inside where they apparently observed a glass pipe for smoking marijuana.

Prior to leaving, the officers informed the woman that she would face charges for possessing drug paraphernalia. The officers attempted to leave, knowing that the building owner could call them if the noise disturbance continued. However, the woman apparently began yelling and running around the building before the officers left the premises. In an effort to contain the woman, they attempted to handcuff her, but she began kicking and attacking one officer. Once she was subdued, she was arrested and formally charged with assault and several misdemeanors.

Assault charges against a police officer are not taken lightly by the court system. Obtaining a lawyer experienced with the criminal system can help a defendant understand and be aware of any legal options they may have. As in this case, even if a conviction cannot be avoided, a Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer can focus on attempting to convince the court to impose a lesser sentence.

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