Sheriff’s deputy caught drunk driving in Pennsylvania

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No one is immune to making reckless mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes conflict with established law and can lead to serious consequences for the accused. Fortunately, the law allows for legal counsel and assistance of anyone accused of a crime. Recently, a Pennsylvania sheriff’s deputy learned he is also subject to the law and its consequences when he was sentenced for drunk driving

A 911 call was placed to authorities reporting an apparent uncontrolled vehicle with a reckless driver. When authorities found the vehicle matching the 911 caller’s description, it was stationary on the side of the road. Reports state that the driver not only allegedly confessed to consuming alcohol, he had an open container of vodka in the front of  his car, and he required aide to stand. To make matters worse, although the deputy was not on duty, he was apparently driving an unmarked county-owned vehicle at the time of the incident. 

He recently pleaded guilty to his charges and was sentenced to 40 days in jail and 100 hours of community service. Not long after his arrest, he resigned from his job, and as part of his sentence, he was ordered to pay a $1000 in fines. The court also decided to fine him the costs of the damages he caused to the county’s vehicle in the amount of less than $200.

Drunk driving is an offense not taken lightly by the court system. Not only may jail time and fines be required after being convicted of a crime, but as with the deputy, a source of income may cease, complicating life past a served sentence. Experienced criminal attorneys in Pennsylvania can advise and guide an accused person as to the best defense strategy.  

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