White collar theft can lead to serious consequences

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Charges and/or convictions of any criminal activity can have a negative impact on a person’s life. A damaged reputation, jail time and fines are just a few of the consequences that may be experienced after criminal charges are filed against a person in Pennsylvania. Although white collar crimes, by nature, typically do not result in the harm of another human being, they can still result in serious consequences. White collar crimes may consist of crimes such as identity theft, fraud, tax evasion or stealing from companies.

Recently, a woman admitted guilt to stealing funds from the mental health facility that employed her. The facility assists children with behavioral disorders and also children who have experienced trauma. It is a well established organization that receives federal public funding. After a tip was received in a local inspector general’s office, the facility’s accounting was reviewed, revealing numerous discrepancies. Investigation revealed that the theft occurred over a period of 12 years.

Apparently she maintained her embezzlement of approximately $600,000 ongoing for more than a decade by creating false invoices and documents. Her family members and friends were listed on numerous invoices for work that was not completed but was paid for. She also admitted to forging checks for the facility and keeping the money.

Despite the fact that she did not cause any physical harm to any person or child with her theft, she faces numerous serious consequences. The criminal court system can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate alone. Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys can advise a person charged of a crime of their best defense strategy and options. If a conviction cannot be avoided, attorneys can negotiate for the best possible outcome for a defendant’s present and future.

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