Unsafe roads are no happy trails for motorcycles

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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast who has had your share of spills, the feeling of the bike slipping away from you isn’t one you want to repeat. If your recent accident resulted from a hazard in the roadway, you are not alone. Many motorcycle accidents occur because of debris and other hazards in the road. While these objects may have little effect on a car or truck, even the smallest obstacle could derail a vehicle with two wheels.

Common road hazards

Poorly maintained roads often contain potholes that create hazards for motorcyclists. Neglected roads sometimes also have tar snakes — strips of tar patching cracks in the road — that could become slick in warm temperatures. Whether the state or municipality has been negligent in maintaining the road, or heavy equipment from a construction site or industry damaged the pavement, someone might be liable for your injuries.

Construction sites or trucks carrying gravel might be responsible for the gravel or rocks in the road that caused your bike to skid. In fact, gravel presents one of the most common dangers for motorcyclists. Trucks tend to spill other materials as well, like oil or fluid, which creates a dangerous situation for a two-wheeled vehicle. Sometimes motorcyclists are also forced to swerve around the chunks of rubber left behind after a tire blows on a big rig. Other motorists can also cause road hazards for motorcyclists when they throw soda cans, water bottles or bags of fast food garbage out the window. These items might cause a mere inconvenience for most drivers, but they can create potential disasters for people riding motorcycles.

On the road to recovery

As you recover from your motorcycle accident, you may find yourself distracted by the thought of mounting medical bills. The days or weeks you lost — and could lose — from work only contribute to the anxiety that might hinder your healing. Determining who is liable for the debris or the condition of the road may seem like an impossible task unless you have professional help.

An attorney with years of experience helping motorcyclists obtain the compensation they deserve will have the resources necessary to investigate your accident and the circumstances surrounding it. With such an advocate on your side, you gain a better chance of a achieving a positive resolution.