Monsignor convicted of theft of funds for retired priest home

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Theft |

The Catholic church has not been immune to scandals and news coverage in the last couple of decades. Unfortunately, they have another scandal to handle. Recently, a Pennsylvania Monsignor admitted to theft of funds from the residence where he lived over several years.

The Monsignor lived in a retirement home for priests like himself, and it also housed priests accused of sexual abuse. Once an alcoholic himself, he was reportedly passionate about helping other priests handle their addictions. He was in charge of handling the finances for the home and the income it received. The fund he embezzled money from was often funded by the estates of deceased priests. He confessed to nine years of using the fund’s money for his own needs and wants, which included gambling, before he was caught. 

Confused to why the fund was being used at a casino, the bank questioned the charges to the archdiocese who supervised the home. The years of embezzling was discovered, and the monsignor has confessed in court. Although he was under investigation, he continued to be in charge of the home but was not allowed to handle the finances. He has not been sentenced yet, but he could be sentenced to spend up to three years in jail for his confessed crime.

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