Pennsylvania football player accused of drunk driving on campus

On Behalf of | May 30, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Many people that have attended college can recount irresponsible decisions they have made. Unfortunately, some mistakes by some college students may impact them beyond their college years. Any decisions that conflict with established law may result in a permanent record and possible problems on employment and rental applications in the future. Fortunately, criminal defense lawyers are available to advise any accused student of his or her rights and legal options. One Pennsylvania football player has recently been accused of making a series of poor decisions that allegedly resulted in drunk driving.

The 21-year-old offensive lineman for the University of Pittsburgh is accused of making the unfortunate decision to drive under the influence. To make matters more complicated, he apparently did not pull over when campus police attempted to stop him. Reportedly, he led the campus police on a car chase prior to crashing his vehicle into an unoccupied vehicle. He allegedly made one last attempt to run on foot from police after crashing his vehicle.

The football player was apprehended and faces multiple charges. The charges include driving under the influence, driving without a license, speeding, failing to stop at stop signs and other reckless driving accusations. Not only does he face charges in criminal court, but his football coach is not happy with his arrest. It is unknown if the criminal proceedings will affect his ability to continue playing for the University.

Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys can advise students and young adults accused of similar drunk driving allegations. Attorneys will evaluate each case and determine individual defense strategies to strive for the best possible outcome. They can help students navigate the criminal court system and also advise them with regard to any impact the charges may have at their school. 

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