Pennsylvania man faces insurance fraud charge

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Insurance exists to protect property owners financially in the event of unexpected damage or destruction. Some Pennsylvania residents may not realize that filing a false insurance claim could lead to criminal charges. Nationwide Insurance recently reported a man’s insurance claim to authorities, and he now faces criminal charges of fraud and theft by deception.

The 35-year-old man is said to have reported to the insurance company that a power surge at his apartment damaged 16 different electronic items that he owned. Allegedly, he claimed that the damage totaled approximately $9,474. Reportedly, the man did not retain any of the damaged items. He presented the insurance company multiple receipts and invoices, including an invoice for an electrician that inspected the apartment after the power surge. The insurance company claims that the receipts and invoices were forged.

Reportedly, apartment managers who are familiar with the man’s apartment do not recall having seen the electronic equipment the man supposedly claimed to have owned. Apartment managers are also said to have reported that the man never filed or reported the alleged power surge. The man has a $25,000 bond and faces other criminal charges for an unrelated incident.

Understandably, being accused of criminal activity such as theft can negatively impact a person’s life. Even if a person is found not guilty of the charges, the formal accusations alone can ruin a person’s reputation, affect future rental and job applications, and more. Fortunately, anyone accused of a crime in Pennsylvania has the right to an attorney. A lawyer familiar with the criminal court system can advise a defendant regarding all legal rights and options according to the specific details.

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