Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents: Older couple seriously hurt

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy this time of year due to more favorable weather and driving conditions. Unfortunately, with increased travel by motorcycle, there is also an increase in motorcycle accidents. When an accident occurs involving a motorcycle, it can be very dangerous for riders. Recently, a Pennsylvania couple were severely injured when a sedan struck them.

Reportedly, the 71-year-old couple was enjoying an afternoon bike ride when the accident occurred. The couple was found wearing helmets and eye protection for their safety. According to the initial investigation, a sedan driven by a 81-year-old female traveling through the same intersection crossed into the couple’s lane and collided with them head-on. 

The impact of the collision ejected the couple from their cycle onto the pavement. Their conditions at this time are not reported, but their injuries at the scene of the accident were determined to be serious. Neither the sedan driver nor her older passenger were injured in the collision. The sedan driver was determined to be at fault for the collision and authorities have issued her a traffic citation.

As it did for this couple, when motorcycle accidents occur, they often result in serious injuries or fatalities for riders. The aftermath of an accident may result in expensive medical and therapy expenses for treatment of injuries. Families of deceased victims may also have unexpected funeral expenses to finance as they cope with grief. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often stereotyped as risky drivers, and many accident victims find it beneficial to seek the advice of a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to guide them through the civil claims process.

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