2 separate motorcycle accidents result in fatalities

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Although riding a motorcycle is stereotypically a riskier option for traveling from one place to another, riders continue to do so for the enjoyment and convenience it may offer. Unfortunately for riders, when motorcycle accidents occur they often result in serious and even fatal accidents. Recently, one Pennsylvania man was killed while riding his motorcycle in a friend’s funeral procession.

The 21-year-old was riding with a group of several motorcyclists behind the hearse, transporting his deceased friend to the graveside service. His wife was traveling in a vehicle just behind the group, and it is suspected that she may have witnessed his fatal accident. Somehow the young man slightly separated from the group, and when he proceeded to catch up with his friends, a car pulled out in front of him. Unable to make a quick stop, he crashed into the woman’s car.

Reports indicate that the people in the funeral procession were likely aware of the rider’s tragic fatality as they finished the service and that they had suffered another loss. Strangely, authorities did not ask funeral attendees to identify the rider, but posted his picture to seek help to identify him. Sadly, the funeral was for a friend who also died a week earlier in motorcycle accident. Neither accident investigation has been finalized.

Due to stereotypes, riders are often to blame when motorcycle accidents occur. Often, however, that is not the case. Anyone in Pennsylvania that has lost a loved one may benefit from speaking to a personal injury attorney regarding any legal options they may have.

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