Young Pennsylvania man charged with assault after a fight

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Young adults may find themselves in situations that can easily get out of control. When alcohol, late nights and tempers are involved, disagreements can escalate quickly. Authorities may be required to intervene in some situations, possibly subjecting involved persons to criminal consequences. When charged and convicted, young adults may become owners of a criminal record, and unfortunately, any criminal record can hinder a young person’s future school, rental and employment pursuits. A young Pennsylvania man may be seeking the advice of an attorney after he was charged with assault following a fight.

Reportedly, the 22-year-old was arguing with another person late at night. For unknown reasons the situation escalated into a physical fight. The man has been accused to be the aggressor in the situation, and he allegedly punched the other person to the ground.

When authorities arrived to intervene, the man ran away, but was caught. He has been charged with simple assault. A hearing in criminal court has been scheduled for late August.

Although simple assault charges are not the most serious crime a person can commit, dealing with the charges and court hearings can be overwhelming. Criminal defense attorneys in Pennsylvania can work to ensure that young adults understand their legal situation, ensure they are aware of all of their rights and understand any impact the proceedings may have on their future. When a conviction cannot be avoided, an experienced defense lawyer can also negotiate for the best possible outcome with the least negative impact on the client. 

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