Man arrested for drunk driving and colliding with 27 cars

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No matter the charged criminal offense, everyone is entitled to choose an advocate to act on their behalf in court. Some defendants may discover that some family and friends may avoid supporting them as they face charges, even prior to a formal conviction. Some defendants may find it comforting that attorneys are part of their support system. One Pennsylvania man is likely using an attorney after being recently being arrested for drunk driving.

Witnesses alerted police to a sedan that had apparently run into numerous other vehicles early on one weekend morning. Police found and arrested a 38-year-old man who they say driving under the influence. He has been formally charged with 17 different offenses.

Allegedly, the man struck 27 different vehicles on multiple streets before he was stopped by authorities. He was apparently driving a gray sedan. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the process, and all the vehicles that were hit were empty. He had a $50,000 bond that he was not able to post, and he is expected to be present for a hearing in late September.

Charges of drunk driving are no laughing matter. Defendants can find it very overwhelming to navigate the criminal court system if they do not have the right advocate on their side. If a conviction is secured, a defendant may face restrictions in driving, fines, suspension of their license, jail time and other consequences. Attorneys in Pennsylvania can examine the evidence collected and advise defendants of the best way to approach their case. In cases where convictions cannot be avoided, attorneys may be valuable to help negotiate a lesser sentence.

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