Older man injured by assault from man 4 times younger

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People get into arguments on a regular basis in Pennsylvania and all across the country. Different backgrounds, opinions, beliefs and ways of doing things can all contribute to an argument. Unfortunately, some fights escalate and may result in injuries to one or more parties. Recently, a young man was arrested for the alleged assault of a man more than four times his age.

For unknown reasons, conflict arose between a 24-year-old man and an 89-year-old man. The young man has been charged with the assault of the older man. Reportedly, the older man suffered serious injuries.

After the alleged attack, the younger man left the scene. He was reported as driving a gold pickup truck which was quickly spotted by a police officer. Suspecting he was the assault suspect, the police began to pursue him. However, the authorities then stopped the pursuit, claiming that the young man was driving recklessly as he continued flee. Later, a report was made to police alerting them to a reckless driver, and it resulted in the young man’s arrest.

Not only are charges of assault considered serious offenses, but similar cases of resisting arrest or fleeing the scene after an alleged incident can complicate legal matters. A conviction may result in fines, jail time and create a criminal record that may infringe upon future opportunities. Criminal defense lawyers in Pennsylvania can advise defendants how to best approach their legal situation. Even in cases where conviction cannot be avoided, defendants may find legal counsel valuable to ensure fair treatment and to help lessen any sentence imposed in court.

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