Two Pennsylvania men charged with theft and insurance fraud

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Unfortunately, being accused of any crime can be almost as damaging as being formally found guilty. Criminal charges may result in loss of a person’s reputation, employment and strained relationships. Two Pennsylvania men who have been charged with theft, identity theft and insurance fraud and are likely seeking the advice attorneys as they navigate their case through the criminal court system.

Both men allegedly stole from their clients and worked for two different insurance agencies. The 29-year-old man who worked for a State Farm agency allegedly stole $26,247. Apparently the money was taken in different forms from eight different clients. He is accused of inaccurately taking their life insurance proceeds, auto insurance premiums and loans.

In another case, a 53-year-old man also faces similar felony charges through a company called Success Financial Solutions. In his case, he is accused of falsifying over 200 Medicare supplement policy applications. Because he earned commission on policies he sold, it is estimated that he made an additional $88,636 of income through the fake policies. His agency denies any involvement or knowledge of the man’s insurance fraud.

The impact of criminal charges, such as theft, can potentially be long lasting whether guilty or not. With a loss of reputation, it may be difficult to maintain or become employed. Defendants may also face fines and jail time if convicted. The consequences may feel endless and overwhelming. Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys evaluate negotiate per each case individually, and they are able to advocate for defendants for the best possible outcome.

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