Man arrested after drunk driving and leaving the scene of wreck

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Because people plan for things such as having a baby, getting married, buying a house or vacations, they typically are well informed prior to those types of events. Unfortunately, people usually do not plan on being arrested and, therefore, may not understand everything that needs to be considered when being criminally prosecuted. One Pennsylvania man is likely using an attorney to help him understand the drunk driving charges he faces after leaving the scene of his crashed truck.

Recently, emergency personnel were notified of a crashed and burning truck. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they could find no one inside the truck. The truck’s driver was later located after a nearby resident called about a suspicious man sleeping on his porch. The man apparently knocked on the resident’s door, requesting to call for a ride. After the request was made, the resident found the man asleep on his porch.

Authorities found the sleeping man to be under the influence of drugs. He is the alleged driver of the burning truck. He was arrested and has been formally charged with a DUI, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Complicating the man’s legal matters further, he already has a criminal record.

In similar drunk driving cases, a criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania can educate and inform a defendant of what to expect through the process. Every case is different, and prior arrests can change the potential consequences if convicted. If an individual does not have a criminal record, a savvy lawyer can likely use it to the defendant’s advantage when strategizing the defense.

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