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December 2017 Archives

Woman accused of theft after playing lottery game at work

Pennsylvania attorneys understand that it may be easy to fall into a situation where unintended stealing from an employer may occur. A woman was recently accused of theft from her employer, and she may face thousands in fines and years in prison. She is likely using the assistance of a criminal defense attorney to strategize her defense case in court.

New bill in Senate could change drunk driving punishment

Apparently, Pennsylvania lawmakers do not feel that current laws related to impaired driving are stringent enough. A state Senate committee has been working on a new bill that would increase the punishment of repeated drunk driving offenses. The bill has been passed by the committee and now must be considered in the state Senate.  

When hazing goes too far, will your child face charges?

If your son is a student at the Pennsylvania State University or any other institute of higher learning, you may be exceedingly proud of him for his efforts and successes, or you may be hoping that something will click for him next semester and he will buckle down and get to work. Either way, you are likely aware that this is a time of growth and opportunity for your child, and he is learning and doing things that go beyond lectures and study groups.

Truck accidents: Brake failure results in multiple collisions

Any time a vehicle has mechanical issues, it can be expensive to repair. When a vehicle has a mechanical failure in transit, it can be terrifying and can result in serious accidents. One of Pennsylvania's recent truck accidents appears to have been caused by the failure of brakes on a tractor-trailer.

Pennsylvannia son charged with assault against his mother

Families frequently have disagreements over numerous things. Living together and knowing each other for years can foster anger and resentment unlike any other. Unfortunately, some arguments can become violent. One Pennsylvania man is likely consulting with a criminal defense attorney as he faces assault charges after an alleged physical argument with his mother.

Motorcycle accidents: Man pleads guilty to charges

When motor vehicle accidents occur, most people may worry about the cost of automobile repairs, filing insurance claims and facing insurance rate increases. In some collision cases, drivers may face formal charges in a criminal court if traffic laws were allegedly broken. Apart from criminal charges, victims of collisions may have a legal right to file a lawsuit against a driver in civil court to seek compensation for any resulting physical or emotional damages. One Pennsylvania driver recently offered a plea of guilty to his contribution in one this year's deadly motorcycle accidents.

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