Pennsylvannia son charged with assault against his mother

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Families frequently have disagreements over numerous things. Living together and knowing each other for years can foster anger and resentment unlike any other. Unfortunately, some arguments can become violent. One Pennsylvania man is likely consulting with a criminal defense attorney as he faces assault charges after an alleged physical argument with his mother.

It is unknown what sparked the fight between the 27-year-old man and his mother, but whatever it was, it allegedly got physical. The mother claims that her son affected her vision after spraying mace in her face. In addition to beating her, she claims her son bound her legs and hands with a rope and chain.  At one point, she accuses her son of an attempt to throw her down the home’s basement stairs by dragging her with a chain.

Somehow, the mother escaped the alleged attack and sought help from a neighbor. After police were called, the son was arrested. He recently was formally arraigned in criminal court for his charges. The judge, in this case, has set his bail at $100,000.

Arguments between family members are certainly painful and are understandably more complicated when law enforcement authorities have to get involved. A sensitive criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania can assist a defendant through the court hearings while keeping in mind family conflict issues. Assault charges can result in serious consequences for the accused, especially if convicted. Attorneys will work to defend those accused and negotiate on the client’s behalf to attempt to avoid fines, jail time and probation.

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