Truck accidents: Brake failure results in multiple collisions

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Any time a vehicle has mechanical issues, it can be expensive to repair. When a vehicle has a mechanical failure in transit, it can be terrifying and can result in serious accidents. One of Pennsylvania’s recent truck accidents appears to have been caused by the failure of brakes on a tractor-trailer.

The tractor-trailer involved in the accident was traveling down a hill on a highway when its brakes failed. Unfortunately, it was headed in the direction of multiple stopped vehicles. The vehicles were stopped at a red light, and the uncontrolled truck slammed into one car, which resulted in a chain reaction of other accidents. A total of nine cars were involved in the collision.

Out of the nine vehicles, 11 people were injured. Reportedly, two older women suffered broken bones, but all injured persons are expected to survive their injuries. The truck is owned by a trucking company that has 10 collisions on record in the last two years. In addition, multiple company drivers have been issued traffic citations. The truck was towed, and investigation results are pending.

Truck accidents such as this one can result in a lot of property damage and, unfortunately, injuries to unsuspecting victims. Processing the aftermath of an accident with a trucking company and its insurance can be difficult. Victims of similar accidents often find it beneficial to have a personal injury attorney in Pennsylvania to assist them through the process. In some circumstances, attorneys may suggest a lawsuit in civil court to seek compensation from parties deemed negligent.

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