Man charged with drunk driving and assualt after injuring walker

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Some people can attest that when some circumstance of life get bad, it can continue to spiral out of control. Some individuals are not sure how to break a cycle of bad habits, and some people end up needing the assistance of a criminal defense attorney when certain habits interfere with established law. One Pennsylvania man recently had to appear in court to face charges of drunk driving and assault, and he has likely requested the assistance of an attorney to develop a defense strategy.

The 42-year-old man has been accused of driving under the influence. Unfortunately, it was not a case of a simple DUI. He struck a 20-year-old woman with his vehicle. The woman was reportedly within the crosswalk and is in critical condition.

To make the man’s legal matters worse, he was driving with a suspended license. The circumstances involving his suspended license are unknown. Additionally, authorities claim to have discovered marijuana within the man’s vehicle during the inspection, but it is unknown if the driver had consumed any prior to driving. The man’s bail was set at $50,000, and he was able to post the required 10 percent after his hearing.

Because any situation involving drunk driving or assault can be considered a serious offense, most accused individuals find the assistance of a criminal defense attorney beneficial throughout the legal process. Many may attest that securing an attorney as quickly as possible in the process will aid in negotiations and preventing further harm to a person’s defense. Pennsylvania attorneys are also informed and aware of any and all changes in the law that could affect an individual’s outcome.

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