Mother allegedy stabs son in leg; charged with assault

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There is a popular quote that many display in their kitchens that states “Don’t mess with the cook.” One Pennsylvania son, reportedly 35 years old, has learned in an unpleasant way the meaning of the quote. After an altercation in the kitchen with his mother, he was stabbed with a steak knife. His mother has been arrested and charged with assault

Police were called to intervene at the scene early one recent morning. According to police and the woman’s adult son, he was stabbed in his back right leg with a steak knife by his 57-year-old mother. The dispute continued when police arrived, and the mother allegedly threw a can of soda at one of the officers.

The nature of the dispute between mother and son was not reported, but according to the son, both had been consuming alcohol. Police indicated there was evidence of drinking and that the son appeared to be drunk. When the mother had a steak knife in her hand, she was accidentally knocked down to the floor by her son. Her son states that she retaliated to the fall by stabbing him in the back of the leg. While removing the knife, the son also sliced his hand on the blade of the knife.

The mother was charged with felony assault and released on $10,000 bail. If convicted of the felony charge, it could impact her employment and other areas of her life. She, and other people who have been charged with similar assault charges, may also risk spending time in jail and be required to pay significant fines. Nevertheless, prosecutors must first actually prove the accusations in court and beyond a reasonable doubt, a standard that is often difficult to meet. Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys can assist and advise a accused individual through the process.

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