Woman’s drunk driving and assault charges reduced by judge

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Some people may underestimate the value and impact that a lawyer can have on a criminal case. People who have successfully had a case defended, had their charges eliminated or the punishment for charges reduced would likely attest to the benefit of securing a savvy attorney. One Pennsylvania woman is likely thankful for the negotiation skills of her attorney after her drunk driving and assault charges were either eliminated or reduced.   

About a year ago, a 20-year-woman was arrested and charged with multiple charges after allegedly driving drunk and assaulting a police officer. The assault charge was considered a felony, and she also faced misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, a DUI and summary underage drinking. The judge presiding in her criminal court case decided to eliminate most of the woman’s charges and placed her in an Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition program. Following the verdict, she was only guilty of one misdemeanor charge for a DUI.

The ARD program is a 12-month program, and if the woman successfully completes the program, the remaining misdemeanor DUI charge will also be removed from her record. The program consists of multiple steps that must be completed, including drug and alcohol assessments. In addition, she must attend the Alcohol Highway Safety School, work in the county litter pickup program and attend a Victim Impact Panel.

Some people accused of drunk driving cases such as this one may be found not guilty of any charges they face. Others may face more serious consequences, but an attorney is helpful throughout the entire process no matter the severity of charges. In similar cases such as this one, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys may be able to negotiate lesser charges for the crimes committed.

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