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February 2018 Archives

Drunk driving: Program to reduce underage drinking

In State College, Pennsylvania, there has been a recent initiative to help reduce the amount of dangerous underage drinking through a program called the Alcohol Source Investigation Project. Because colleges such as Penn State are full of students under the age of 21, it has become common for older students to purchase alcohol for minors. Unfortunately, it often results in large drinking parties, disturbance to the community, litter and sometimes drunk driving. State College authorities have been working with local alcohol dispensaries, combined with surveillance, to help reduce the incidence of alcohol purchased for minors.

Drunk driving: Some Pennsylvania DUI laws may need updating

The legalization of marijuana, no matter the form, has created an unanticipated need to change other laws in many states. Pennsylvania is one of many states where some laws conflict with other established laws, as some forms of medical marijuana are now legal. According to select data from one Pennsylvania county, arrests for drunk driving appear to be decreasing, but arrests for DUIs related to drug use appear to be increasing.

Teenagers accused of intentional assault on classmate

More schools, administrators and parents have become more aware of the negative impacts of bullying on other children. Bullying is taken more seriously than in the past. Sadly, some situations escalate and result in harm to another person. In some circumstances, children may face serious criminal charges. Three young teenagers in Pennsylvania are facing serious assault charges for the prank they are said to have played on a fellow classmate and friend during school.

Math teacher accused of theft from student

People are accused of wrongdoings every day. While some allegations of crimes may have truth behind them, some do not. Because there is always a chance that allegations may be untrue, everyone has a right to defend their case. One teacher in Pennsylvania has likely sought the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney as she faces charges of theft.

Would a physical impairment keep you from passing a FST?

Like other states, law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania use field sobriety tests to establish probable cause for a DUI arrest. The tests determine whether alcohol or drugs impair an individual. The problem is that "failing" these tests is much easier than you would think.

Man arrested for assault before NFL Eagles game

Some fans really love their football team. It is not unusual for fans to become rowdy at a sports event, especially when a championship is dependent on the resulting score. With the Super Bowl around the corner, National Football League Eagles fans are excited and many rallied together before the NFC Championship game. Unfortunately, one fan was arrested for an alleged assault on a police officer.

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