Drunk driving: Program to reduce underage drinking

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In State College, Pennsylvania, there has been a recent initiative to help reduce the amount of dangerous underage drinking through a program called the Alcohol Source Investigation Project. Because colleges such as Penn State are full of students under the age of 21, it has become common for older students to purchase alcohol for minors. Unfortunately, it often results in large drinking parties, disturbance to the community, litter and sometimes drunk driving. State College authorities have been working with local alcohol dispensaries, combined with surveillance, to help reduce the incidence of alcohol purchased for minors.

Because of the program, a Penn State rugby player has recently been suspended from the team. He has been accused of purchasing alcohol for four minors, including three high school students. He was allegedly observed by police purchasing beer and what appeared to be alcohol from two different stores. He was also observed loading the alcohol in a vehicle and was the passenger as the vehicle drove away. He purchased three cases of beer and allegedly one bag of alcohol, but when he exited the vehicle alone, he apparently only removed one case of beer and the alleged bag of alcohol.

Authorities stopped the vehicle after it drove away and found that it contained a 19-year-old driver and three high school 17-year-olds. Allegedly, the occupants of the vehicle admitted that the rugby player had purchased alcohol for them. Later, the player also allegedly confessed when questioned about the purchase of alcohol for the minors. He now faces four counts of providing alcohol to minors and has been removed from the rugby team.

Parents and educators may frequently warn students of the dangers and consequences of drunk driving, but they may not be aware that their student may also face criminal consequences if caught purchasing alcohol for minor friends at college. The impact of criminal charges on a student’s future can be significant. It is important for parents and students to secure a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney as soon as an arrest is made for guidance through the questioning process.

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