Math teacher accused of theft from student

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People are accused of wrongdoings every day. While some allegations of crimes may have truth behind them, some do not. Because there is always a chance that allegations may be untrue, everyone has a right to defend their case. One teacher in Pennsylvania has likely sought the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney as she faces charges of theft.

The 34-year-old woman is the daughter of the school district’s superintendent where she was employed as a high school math teacher. One of the school’s students reported a stolen purse from a classroom, and the student’s father began pressing for answers. The student reported a missing Coach wallet, $250 in cash, Victoria’s Secret gift card and some other items.

Because the father was able to produce a receipt for the gift card, a service through Victoria’s Secret was able to track the spending of the gift card. According to the Victoria Secret’s Special Handling department, items were purchased and delivered to the teacher’s home. Allegedly, the teacher confessed to taking the student’s purse and returned the unspent $250. She now faces formal charges of theft, receiving stolen property and access device fraud.

Allegations of criminal activity can be a hindrance to anyone’s future, but certain careers are impacted more than others, such as educators. Many individuals find that a skilled attorney is essential to promoting the best outcome in their case and the aftermath that may follow. In the event that a conviction cannot be avoided,  Pennsylvania attorneys are also helpful to negotiate lesser terms of punishment for any guilty charges.

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