Teenagers accused of intentional assault on classmate

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More schools, administrators and parents have become more aware of the negative impacts of bullying on other children. Bullying is taken more seriously than in the past. Sadly, some situations escalate and result in harm to another person. In some circumstances, children may face serious criminal charges. Three young teenagers in Pennsylvania are facing serious assault charges for the prank they are said to have played on a fellow classmate and friend during school.

The harmed 14-year-old girl suffered from a severe pineapple allergy. Because the allergy was so severe, the school district altered the school menu to ensure that no pineapple was served to endanger the girl’s health. Reportedly, the classmates were aware of her allergy as well.

Three girls, ages 13 and 14, allegedly planned a high-five game that was intended to result in harm to the girl. One student brought in a pineapple fruit cup from home, and allegedly, the girls placed pineapple juice on their hands as they high-fived each other, nearby students and the student who suffered from the allergy. Per witness reports, authorities believe the girls understood and intended to cause harm to the other student. Sadly, the student with the allergy suffered anaphylactic shock from the exposure, but she has since recovered. All three students are facing charges, but the teenager who is believed to have instigated the plan has been charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, reckless endangerment, harassment and disorderly conduct.

Parents of students facing similar unfathomable assault charges at a young age may feel hopeless and unsure how to handle the circumstances. Many parents and children find comfort knowing that a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney is equipped to handle difficult situations such as this one. Attorneys can also advise on the best defense strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome with the least impact on a child’s future.  

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