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March 2018 Archives

Assualt charges against some Penn State fraternity students

The extremes to which some fraternities and sororities haze new members has been the focus of many news media stories in recent years. The focus is largely due to deaths that occur when hazing is taken too far by members. Unfortunately, a Penn State fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, is among one of the fraternities whose hazing may have resulted in a student's death. As many as 26 students in Pennsylvania are defendants in the ongoing case, and many have faced serious felony aggravated assault charges.

Ban hopeful to prevent Pennsylvania car and truck accidents

Motor vehicle operators know that weather can and will affect the safety of the roadways. The sun's brightness and thick snow can limit visibility. Rain and ice can result in slick roads. The Pennsylvania Department of Transpiration and the governor have recognized that some highways and interstates within Pennsylvania may be more dangerous than others in winter conditions. In order to prevent future car and truck accidents, a travel ban on certain vehicles is in effect until the weather improves.

Man arrested for drunk driving on way to court for DUI

Some circumstances in life can leave some people in a downward spiral. Some circumstances can seem impossible to recover from, including those that result in arrests. Unfortunately, drunk driving offenses are often repeated and a difficult cycle for some individuals to avoid. Despite seemingly impossible circumstances to recover from, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys can advise on the best approach to any defense even in what may appear to be a terrible circumstance. One man has recently found himself in a difficult situation when he was arrested while driving to defend himself for a previous criminal offense.

What's the difference between a breath test and chemical testing?

Let's say a police officer pulls you over in State College, and asks you to step out of your car. At this point, you should consider yourself detained and unable to leave the scene without the officer's permission. Police officers typically only ask you to get out of your car if they think you committed a crime. In fact, if you try to exit your vehicle without the police officer instructing you to do so, you'll likely land in a heap of trouble.

Missing meatballs results in Pennsylvania man charged with theft

Criminal defense attorneys can probably attest to a wide variety of clients with an assortment of things they may have been accused of stealing. Typically, people steal things that signify wealth like money, accessories, vehicles and other objects considered of high value. One Pennsylvania man has been accused of stealing something of lesser value and is not even a permanent object. He has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing meatballs.

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